WorkoutApp is designed to revolutionize fitness industry through extending Move to Earn trend into Train to Earn.

This is to ensure the possibility of earning to more people. The application specification enables reaching people who practice various sport disciplines. We are realistically able to gain 1 million users in a year.

Such numbers come with a huge responsibility that is why transparency must be at the forefront of WorkoutApp economy. Below you can see how the sustainability of the pro ject is secured!

We are realistically able to gain
1 million users in a year

WorkoutApp is constantly developing and has established detailed strategy of the project expansion.

One of the milestones is creation of a unique collection based on NFTs of the biggest celebrities from multiple sport disciplines. The main focus of the creators are the sports with the biggest number of fans in the world. There are over 400 million pro athletes globally, so potential interest and demand is very high.

With a proper NFT - Fan Token, you will get access to premium servers where you will have the chance to chat with your favorite sport celebrities. Ask them all the questions bothering you, send your respect and support!

Create your collection and build your dream team. When you are ready, challenge other users, win tournaments and enjoy the victory & prestige.

If you feel you are a sports person and would like to earn as much as the best athletes, the WRT League is for you! Sign up and compete, individually or in a team, with thousands of other users. You can win hundreds of thousands of tokens. Top sport brands will be the Leagues’ Title Sponsors and they will donate top of the range prizes, that is also part of the business model.


Key platform features

WorkoutApp T2E – Purchased NFT enables you to earn by doing sports. You can gain over 1250 tokens for the training.

WorkoutApp supports charity foundations – The lion’s share of profits from fan tokens sales is donated to the charity foundations.

WorkoutApp unique collection – Collect, buy, transfer and earn unique sports cards available only on our platform.

WorkoutApp competition deposit tokens – Collect competition deposit tokens and win major league prizes

WorkoutApp wallet – Fast, efficient, and convenient connections between your wallet, crypto exchanges, WRT token and traditional payment methods.

WorkoutApp bridge – As the project development is gaining pace, Multichain service is underway to deliver the best experience and secure the sustainability of the project.


It is the basis of WorkoutApp ecosystem functioning. The WRT token powers the entire platform and provides access to all its features and solutions. Together with the wallet it will provide a convenient and safe method of payments in the application.

Token Management

15 billion Tokens will be produced

The Token will be burned with profits from NFT transactions

15% of the profits from NFT sales will be deposited At the pos

2% of the fee charged on transactions and NFT purchases

Token Usability
$WRT token value from
APP Economy

POS: 15% of NFT sales are placed on passive earning platforms, later Users will receive gains as the bonuses to the rewards for their trainings.

Buy-backs: 65% of the income from NFT sales is returned to the T2E pool.

Burn: 10% of NFT sales are donated to the quarterly token burns.

Invest : 10% of the sale of NFT is invested in large assets such as BTC, ETH.

WorkoutApp Deflationary Token

The WRT token ecosystem is constructed in a deflationary way, its supply will decrease from 15 billion to 5 billion tokens over time. Part of the profits from the NFTs sale, fan tokens and fees, goes to buy-backs and burn. This will secure the price stability of the token.


The WRT token is generated basing on the Arbitrum blockchain. It has great functionality, security, scalability and gives better solutions than in any other blockchain.

Ecosystem T2E 30% Minted by Users 4 500 000 000
Liquidity 20% Depends on the Exchanges number 3 000 000 000
Marketing 15% 20% TGE + vesting 2 250 000 000
Public Sale 10% 20% TGE + vesting 1 500 000 000
Future Metaverse 10% 10% TGE 3 month cliff 1 500 000 000
Team 10% one year cliff + vesting 1 500 000 000
Advisors 3% 10% TGE half year cliff + vesting 450 000 000
Private Sale 2% 10% TGE individual cliffs + vesting 300 000 000



PRESALE $0.001
PRIVATE A $0.00075
PRIVATE B $0.00090
Accepted currencies USDT

WRT Token name

Token supply 15,000,000,000 WRT
Final number of tokens: 5,000,000,000 WRT